About Us

When we created the Knysna Fires 7th June Facebook page, we did so with the intention of providing a way for residents of Knysna and its surrounds to communicate. This was necessary as, with so much happening, there needed to be a single platform of current information, rather than various Whatsapp and Facebook pages and groups. It served as a consolidation of real-time events - if you will. We had no inclination whatsoever that it would become the primary source of information for the people, not only in Knysna and the surrounds but for people around the world. The Facebook page has been seen by over ten-million people across the globe. While it began as a source of information, it quickly developed to become a platform for messages of hope, words of encouragement and so much emotional outpouring. It is clear that the page is a lifeline to so many out there.

​To this end, the page and this website has evolved with Knysna from disaster to relief to rebuilding. When Knysna can once again hold her head up high and say, “All is good, we have risen,” only then will we step away from the page and this site, allowing them to become a memorial to the rebirth of our glorious town from the devastation of that fateful day. We will remember that day - not so much for the utter devastation, but rather for how it showed us and the world how absolutely indomitable the human spirit is. Knysna will not be beaten.

Knysna will not be frightened. We invite the world to watch as #KnysnaRises!