Timber Village

Timber Village is a furniture manufacturer situated in Welbedacht, Knysna.

After being destroyed in the Knysna fires, Karl van Lith and Daniel Hennessy, bought the goodwill and entire staff compliment that made the business an institution within the Knysna community. Their primary focus is creating high-end, custom furniture with indigenous timber.

The cost of rebuilding the business, whilst gaining new business has been met with multiple challenges, but support has been given in many ways. Recently, an events management company raised enough funds to pay Timber Village's staff wages for three months. This transition funding has been a saving grace for this small enterprise as rising from this aftermath will take some time.

Timber Village's needs are almost met. Business is improving and only two great challenges remain. Vital to the operations is a truck and crane and funding for essential infrastructure such as workshops, show and training rooms as well as homes, which were all destroyed in the fires, is still in dire need.

The support from our community and abroad has showered his with blessings. We still have a way to go, but we are already paying it forward.

Timber Village Knysna Fires 2017